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Eucalyptus, Blue

Eucalyptus, Blue


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus bicostata
Origin: Australia
Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Part: Leaves
Family: Myrtaceae


Use Blue Eucalyptus in aromatherapy to support your health, vitality, and mood as seasonal challenges arise. Derived from the leaves of the Blue Gum Eucalyptus tree, this oil provides an ultra-aromatic version of eucalyptus’ characteristic bright, herbal bouquet and exudes positivity and calm. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Blue Eucalyptus can support respiratory health via diffusion and steams. Use along with Spruce essential oil to calm and silence a lingering cough from a respiratory infection.


Blue Eucalyptus is also a great choice to use in all natural insect repellants. It is also used to disinfect wounds, control blood sugar and soothe cold sores. Blue Eucalyptus is also highly anti-inflammatory and analgesic which makes it wonderful in relieving muscle and joint pain. This is why many types of Eucalyptus are used in massages!


10 ml amber dropper bottle.

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