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Jennifer Sowle, CCA, LMT obtained her clinical aromatherpist certification from the ny institute of aromatic studies in NYC and her massage training from the center for natural wellness school of massage therapy in Albany, ny. she has been practicing as both an aromatherapist and massage therapist for over 9 years. As a clinically certified aromatherapist with over 4000 hours of training, Jennifer is considered an expert in her field regarding essential oils. She is a professional memeber of the national association of holistic aromatherapists and teaches several essential oil classes to massage therapists, bodyworkers, and holistic healers. Jennifer is very passionate about essential oil education and brings that passion into every class she teaches and every product she makes.


When I founded Saratoga Aromatherapy, I knew I wanted to create a company that made a difference. while working with my massage clients over the years, I saw that there was a lot of misinformation about essential oils. I realized there was a need for an essential oil company that cared more about  people than profit and offered affordable essential oils without compromising on quality. My dream was to build a business that dealt honestly while offering direct access to the many benefits of essential oils.


The medicinal and healing qualities of essential oils are a reminder that everything we need for balance and health is on this earth.

In 2010, I took a risk and started Saratoga Aromatherapy right in my home with the mission of making essential oils accessible to everyone. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun. I utilized everything I had learned about the holistic industry and my training in aromatherapy and did not rest until I could find the highest quality oils available. I knew that even if it costed me, my customers’ needs would always come first.

My customers gravitated towards Saratoga Aromatherapy's individualized attention, one on one consultations, and quality custom essential oil blends.  I grew out of positive experiences, word of mouth, and a belief that my reputation is everything. My oils are now enjoyed in homes, offices, and used by massage therapists and naturalists all over the United States.

Sourced from around the globe, Saratoga Aromatherapy's essential oils are 100% pure with nothing ever added and nothing taken away. I can’t thank my customers enough for believing in my brand and taking this amazing journey with me! 

Wishing you peace, love & happiness,

Jennifer Sowle, CA, LMT

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