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All Natural Bug Spray

All Natural Bug Spray


This curated blend of essenital oils not only smells amazing but it helps to repell mosquitoes, ticks, and no see ems (As my mom would call them).


This All Natural Bug Spray contains Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Rose Geranium & Peppermint.


Citronella is one of the best known essential oils for being able to repel mosquitoes. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, citronella works so well because it masks the scents that are attractive to bugs, namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid.


Cedarwood oil works very well as a bug repellant because it can interfere with bugs’ capacity to breathe. Unlike mammals, bugs breathe through openings located on the surface of their bodies. When faced with the lethal effects of cedarwood oil, bugs attempt to limit their exposure by closing these openings, which prevents them from breathing. In other words, the bugs suffocate themselves.


According to the CDC, Lemon Eucalyptus is the most effective essential oil for a natural mosquito repellant! Lemon eucalyptus essential oil contains a small amount of PMD (p-menthane 3,8-diol). PMD is an effective and long-acting mosquito repellent. Part of the reason it’s long lasting is that lemon eucalyptus evaporates more slowly than most other essential oils and will last for several hours.


Meant for everyday outdoor and backyard activities. Not meant for deep wood activities. 


Directions: Apply every 2 hours. Do not spray near eyes. 


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Rose Geranium, Citronella, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cedarwood Essential Oils. 4 oz fine mist spray bottle

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