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Bergamot Mint

Bergamot Mint


Botanical Name: Mentha citrata
Origin: USA
Method: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Flowering Tops
Family: Lamiaceae


This delightful essential oil exudes a refreshing, inspiring aroma that is a collage of mildly citrus with gentle mint undertones. On its own or blended with other oils, this essential oil evokes an immediate, pleasant feeling of gentle inspiration, followed by calm. It is a perfect support for a stress-filled, hectic world.


Diffused or topically applied with suitable carrier oils, Bergamot Mint essential oil is a handy addition to daily wellness regimens focused upon stress management.  Essential oils such as Bergamot Mint add gentle, natural support both day and night.


Yerba Buena (“good herb”) is the Spanish name for a number of aromatic plants belonging to the mint family. In Central America Yerba buena often refers to Mentha citrata, a true mint sometimes referred to as "bergamot mint" with its distinctive citrus aroma and enjoyed as a culinary herb and beverage tea. Bergamot Mint contains linalool which gives it some properties similar to lavender. The leaves and flowering tops are steam distilled to extract the essential oil.  


10 ml amber dropper bottle.

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