Botanical Name: Cedrus atlantica 
Origin: Morocco 
Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is majestic. Breathing in Atlas Cedarwood essential oil recalls the sense of awe and inspiration we find in the natural world. Interestingly, Cedar trees are renowned for denoting strength and peaceful dominion.
Atlas Cedarwood has a warm, woody and earthy aroma; it’s sometimes used in more masculine colognes but is just as lovely in aromatic blends for women. Its enchanting aroma can aid in mindful meditation, ‘grounding’ and is sometimes used as a romantic enhancer. Parisians have long used Atlas Cedarwood in lotions and shampoos to help prevent hair loss.
Native to the lands of Morocco and planted across Africa and the Middle East for centuries, Cedar trees can grow more than 140 feet in height and produce bluish-green leaves and cones. The essential oil is derived from the wood of the tree through steam distillation.
10 ml glass amber bottle with dropper
Safety: All essential oils and blends are 100% essential oil and are not diluted. Always dilute with a carrier oil before topical application. Consult your health care provider if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or being treated for a health condition. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place.

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