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Massage Therapy Blend

Massage Therapy Blend


This blend was curated specifically for massage therapists to use on their clients! It has every essential oil you would need to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, soothe their central nervous system, and help to let go of physical and emotional pain. 

Helichrysum italicum - strongest anti-inflammatory essential oil

Cypress - anti-inflammatory

Birch - 99.5% methyl salicate - amazing pain reliever

Lemongrass - to reduce pain & inflammation

Copaiba - kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Protects you from picking things up from your client. Also rejuvenating to the skin!

Peppermint - the "Let go" oil. Helps ones to let go of physical and emotional pain.


  • Do not use this blend on pregant women, anyone on blood thinners and children under 14.

  • Depense oil, lotion or cream into your hand. Add 1-3 drops. Rub your hands together and apply to your clients skin. Best if used on their back, neck and other areas they have pain. Does not have to be used on the whole body.

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