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Organic Geranium Hydrosol

Organic Geranium Hydrosol

The Pelargonium genus, of which rose geranium is a member, was originally brought from South Africa. They are a very popular garden plant because of their beautifully scented flowers that bloom in a multitude of lovely pinks and purples.
Organic rose geranium hydrosol is wonderful for use directly on the skin to help promote a balanced complexion. It is wonderful for any skin type, but it works wonders on acne prone skin. Rose geranium is a great balancer, whether it is your skin or disposition that needs support!
Rose geranium hydrosol is great as a prepping mist on your skin before applying creams or oils, as it helps hold moisture.
Instructions: Mist on a clean face and leave it to air dry before you apply your moisturizer or serum. 
Can also add to the bath water of an infant or sprayed on their skin before applying lotion or oil. 
Comes in 2 oz and 4 oz fine mist spray bottles. 
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