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Organic Neroli Hydrosol

Organic Neroli Hydrosol

Neroli, which is the sweet essence extracted from orange blossoms, has been used in perfumery since the days of ancient Egypt. With a similar, though much softer, scent compared to the essential oil, this hydrosol is an economical option compared to the precious oil.
Neroli hydrosol also makes a wonderful toner or aftershave. Emotionally, neroli is calming and grounding and is believed to help heal the heart. Although hydrosol only has upto 3% essential oil, neroli hydrosol contains linalool and α-terpineol.
With a delightful and luscious scent, you will want to use this indulgent botanical water any way you can. Neroli hydrosol is an excellent choice for mature or aging skin as it has anti-aging properties to it. 
Instructions: Mist on a clean face and leave it to air dry before you apply your moisturizer or serum. 
Can also add to the bath water of an infant or sprayed on their skin before applying lotion or oil. 
Can also store a bottle in your refrigerator for a cooling spritz after a day spent outside!
Comes in 2 oz and 4 oz fine mist spray bottles. 
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