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Romance Blend

Romance Blend


Just like a glass of fine wine, there are certain essential oils that are precious, exquisite, and extremely beautiful. In the aromatherapy world, two of these essential oils are in this blend. East Indian Sandalwood and Neroli are beyond intoxicating! They can awaken feelings and desires thought to be gone forever. 


A lush multi-layered blend, Romance Blend is different from the Aphrodisiac Blend. Although it may enhance sexy experiences, Romance Blend also works on many levels beyond sexuality. It can heighten what we see, feel, taste, touch and smell. Romance Blend can be almost magical in its ability to heighten sensual awareness and help ones to enjoy every minute!


Such a gorgeous scent, this blend is fantastic to use as an all natural perfume. Either on an precious stone diffuser bracelet, or with a little carrier oil and put on the wrists and neck. 


Romance Blend is an intoxicating combination of Neroli, East Indian Sandalwood, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit & Peppermint. 


10 ml amber glass bottle with dropper. 

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