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Sandalwood - Hawaiian

Sandalwood - Hawaiian

Botanical Name: Santalum paniculatum
Origin: USA - Hawaii
Method: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Wood
Note: Base
Family: Santalaceae
Consistency: Thick
Color: Clear- Pale Brown
Treat yourself to the luxurious aroma and healing properties of Hawaiian Sandalwood!

Sandalwood is the world’s most famous aroma among essential oils. Its most commonly used in skincare regimes because of its anti inflammatory properties and its ability to balance and smooth out skin tone. 

It’s also used to reduce inflammation and pain and aids in relieving stress and anxiety. It is a calmative and soothes the nervous system and helps to prevent stress induced diseases. 

Exceptionally precious is Hawaiian Sandalwood; also known as Royal Sandalwood. This variety of Sandalwood is especially regenerative and healing. It is the ultimate essential oil for wellness!

The legendary Sandalwood species of trees are all aromatic. They are found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Australia, Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. 

Hawaiian Sandalwood is called 'ili-ahi’ in Hawaiian and was considered a sacred, ceremonial plant used, secured and traded by Hawaiian royalty. It grows at higher elevations on the Big Island.
10 ml amber dropper bottle.
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