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Sea Fennel

Sea Fennel


Botanical Name: Crithmum maritimum
Origin: Greece
Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Part: Herb
Family: Apiaceae


Also called "Rock Fennel", herbaceous Sea Fennel grows in rocky crags along Greece’s shores. As a coastal plant, some say Sea Fennel carries the briny scent of the sea, while others smell the aroma of a fresh lemony carrot.


This hardy herb thrives, no matter the weather, and it can help your skin do the same. Regenerative Sea Fennel is ideal for mature skin. Dilute and apply it to your face to diminish signs of aging, reduce the appearance of dimples and ripples in the skin, and to improve skin's tone and radiance. Apply in a massage oil to the body to target stretch marks and cellulite.


Its strong anti-inflammatory properties benefit your immune system. Sea Fennel is high in Vitamin C, and was used by sailors to ward off scurvy. And historically, healers also sought the plant to help with upset stomach and digestive issues.


You can also diffuse Sea Fennel oil during seasonal changes for respiratory and allergy relief support. Definitely a must have essential oil!


10 ml amber dropper bottle. 

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