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Self-Care Kit

Self-Care Kit


Covid got you down? This self-care kit was made for you! It includes my best selling Renew Blend, Happy Blend and a bottle of French Lavender all for $60! Save $10 buying all 3 together!


Renew blend calms ones shen and helps with feelings of anger and frustration. Incredibly fresh and uplifting blend.

Happy blend helps fight negative emotions and feelings of depression. So you can get back to your happy self!

French Lavender has been used to soothe and calm the central nervous system, aids in sleep, calms anxiety, heals cuts and burns and evens out skin tone!


Both blends come with instruction cards on how to dilute with a carrier oil and where to put the blend. French Lavender can be applied right to the skin. 


Kit Includes:

10ml bottle of Renew Blend

10 ml bottle of Happy Blend

10ml bottle of French Lavender

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