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Botanical Name: Citrus Reticulata

Origin: Italy - Sicily


This Tangerine essential oil is Silician Tangerine and it is exquisite! Rich with sedative and relaxant properties, Tangerine consoles the body and mind. Herbalists have long used Tangerine tree leaves in tea to help the body find peaceful rest while soothing the digestive tract. It is a favorite aroma amongst perfumers for its subtle yet delightful aroma. 


Native to Asia, Tangerine trees grow up to 25 feet and sprout fragrant white flowers that develop into orange fruits. To extract the essential oil, Tangerine peels are removed and put through a cold press process. Blending Tangerine with Clove or your favorite citrus oil can be an incredible addition to massage oils.


10 ml glass amber bottle with dropper


Safety: All essential oils and blends are 100% essential oil and are not diluted. Always dilute with a carrier oil before topical application. Consult your health care provider if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or being treated for a health condition. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place.

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