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Wood Blend

Wood Blend


This blend was specially designed to calm and soothe the symptoms of imbalance of a Wood personality type. When Wood personalities are are in balance, they are great planners, good decision makers, and have clear vision and goals. When they are out of balance, they can tend to overwork, be indecisive, overindulge, irregular menstrual cycles, and have severe pms symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms, this blend was especially made just for you and your personality type!


A strengthening blend of Silver Fir, Palo Santo, Vetiver, Cypress, Frankincense carterii, Bergamot & Peppermint. 


Great blend for massage therpists to use on clients that they have with this personality type when they see symptoms of imbalance in them. 


10 ml amber glass bottle with dropper. 

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