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Xoxo Blend

Xoxo Blend


One of the imperatives of this life is to love. We need to love ourselves, our friends, and our families. There are always opportunities for showing kindness and loveliness. At times, it can be difficult to muster up positive feelings but with XOXO synergy blend, love sweeps in with ease.


XOXO is the perfect gift for that person who needs a little extra encouragement and love. It’s something to give to your best friend or to a family member to express gratitude.


If you need something to spice up the bedroom,  XOXO can help encourage a romantic atmosphere.  XOXO’s warm and enticing aroma will ignite the senses and that of those around you. Containing aphrodisiac essential oils, XOXO blend can help ignite a lowered libido.


XOXO is a rich and sexy blend of Damiana, Amyris, Ylang Ylang, Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine & French Lavender.


10 ml amber glass bottle with dropper.

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